Rodzaje frontów kuchennych
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Types of kitchen fronts

Kitchen fronts are one of the basic elements that affect the visual effect of our kitchen. The fronts catch the eye immediately and simply take up a large part of the kitchen surface. In addition, kitchen furniture is heavily exploited, and we replace it relatively rarely – therefore, it is worth considering the choice of fronts carefully.

In addition to aesthetics, they must also be characterized by high quality and durability. They will serve us for a long time. Below is a small guide to the types…

How to take care of different types of cabinet fronts:

1) Wooden fronts

Wooden fronts require special care. Their surface needs to be protected with lacquer or wax. One should be careful when using chemicals to clean them. However, it is worth remembering that even old and damaged wooden fronts can be renovated.

2) Laminated fronts (MDF PVC fronts)

MDF substrate fronts, which can be milled in any shape, are a good choice for the most elaborate projects. The selection of colors is huge, and they are easy to clean and do not absorb moisture. However, they have low tolerance for high temperatures, and the film on such fronts tends to peel off over time, especially in the case of complicated milling patterns.

3)Veneered fronts

This type of front is a simpler version of wooden fronts. They are made of particle board or MDF board, which is then covered with veneer (a layer of natural wood). A wide range of finishes can be achieved, from deep matt to high gloss. Unlike wooden fronts, the structure can be repeated here.

Veneer from hard wood, such as oak, will not have any defects on its surface for many years. On the other hand, veneers made of soft woods such as alder or mahogany are characterized by low resistance to scratches.

4) Stone veneered fronts

A natural slate veneer has an extraordinary texture and color. They are unique, and their appearance is influenced by the origin of the slates, temperature, humidity, etc. Such fronts do not change color due to sunlight and are resistant to mechanical damage and fully waterproof.

5) Lacquered fronts

Lacquered MDF boards are a popular solution in kitchens. They are available in a wide range of colors and finishes – matte, semi-matte, glossy, or semi-glossy. The gloss finish creates a particularly interesting effect with properly planned artificial lighting.

Such fronts are resistant to moisture but are also less resistant to mechanical damage and easily stained, including leaving fingerprints. Lacquered fronts do not allow for obtaining wood-like decorations.

6) Laminated fronts

They are produced by pressing resin-impregnated paper on the surface of particle board or MDF board. The coating is resistant to high temperatures. They are affordable and available in many colors. They are characterized by high resistance to scratches, discoloration, and moisture effects. However, the edges need to be protected. They are also available in a wood-like structure, but the surface of the laminated fronts must be smooth.

7) Glass fronts in aluminum frames

This is a durable and safe solution designed for modern and minimalist kitchens. The glass is typically framed in a stable aluminum frame or directly adhered to a laminated board. Glass fronts are easy to clean, reflect light, which optically enlarges the room (worth considering in small kitchens).

8) Quartz composite fronts

They are made from the highest purity rock flux and colored pigments. They are resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures, and moisture. They are easy to maintain, and their appearance remains unchanged for many years.

9) Concrete-look fronts

Concrete-look fronts have a unique, modern, and minimalist appearance. They are available in many finishes, from matte to high gloss. They are resistant to high temperatures, mechanical damage, and moisture. It is worth noting that they require special impregnation for protection.

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