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4 reasons why having a kitchen island is worth it

1) An island is a piece of furniture that beautifies the kitchen

A well-designed and aesthetic kitchen island simply looks great. It is the central point of the kitchen that immediately catches everyone’s attention. You can put a few accessories on it that will make the island even more eye-catching.

It gives the kitchen a modern, and at the same time, very homely look.

2) Additional space

Thanks to the kitchen island, we gain an additional, quite large work surface. It is very convenient to prepare meals on it. Additionally, the island is usually equipped with cabinets or shelves where you can store kitchen equipment. During cooking, everything is at our fingertips.

3) Integration

The kitchen island facilitates the integration of the person staying in the kitchen with the rest of the family. By preparing a meal on the island, we are not isolated in the way we are with traditional solutions. High chairs are often added to the island, so when we are cooking or baking, someone can sit close to us. Thanks to the large surface area of the island’s countertop, there is nothing stopping our child from, for example, drawing right next to us.

The island also facilitates integration during a party or family gathering. It often naturally becomes the main place for conversations.

4) Natural separation of zones

In an open kitchen, it is a good idea to separate the kitchen space from the living room or dining room. The kitchen island is perfect for introducing such a division. It clearly marks the place where the kitchen ends. To further highlight this division, for example, kitchen equipment drawers can be placed on the kitchen side of the island and shelves where we can put books on the living room side.

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